Identifies, Explores, & Resolves

Toronto Astrologer, Abella Arthur


Identifies problems, and finds solutions.

Are you trying to figure out what’s happening to you?
Do you know what the problem is, but you don’t know how to fix it?

I can, and will help.

* Career issues, and job prospects
* Money problems, and management
* Self-esteem, personal appearance, and identity
* Love, marriage, romance, and friendship clarity
* Exploring educational options
* Real estate, and living situation
* Business advice, and insights
* Physical health issues from a mental health or spiritual angle
* Manifesting hopes, and dreams
* Identifying daily challenges, finding fixes
* Therapeutic dialogue and coaching

However, I can not guarantee I will be 100% right as interpretation is an art, and I can not be responsible for decisions you make or made based on my insights. Ultimately, it is your choice which direction you will take in your life.

My purpose is to provide solid “insights” and “information” that you can use to make better choices in your life. And to give you undivided, self-esteem boosting, attention. So if your focus is on accurate predictions, I may not be the astrologer you desire since offering predictions is not my desire.

I believe in YOU designing the life YOU want.
And I provide the tools to help you do that!

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