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I think of astrology as a language.

Astrology is a direct and divine language of the Gods — how the cosmos speak to humans and vice versa.

I’m an translator (interpreter), and teacher of this symbolic language. I’m more arts, than science focused.

While astrology is a language, the charts erected contain many volumes of books with astrological chapters, paragraphs, sentences, and words.

It can take years, or months to read a whole chart — minutes, and seconds to read part of it.


Example of Ella Fitzgerald’s Natal chart without Time of Birth

Natal astrology describes the native, and the potential opportunities and challenges they shall face, face, and have faced.

Every machine built has a certain way it operates, and a certain way it fits best. Human beings, are essentially machines. If we don’t feed our minds and bodies with good and clean food, it breaks down.

With this package, YOUR lost Operating and Repair Manual is recovered and explored within the language of the stars — astrology.

Refurbish, refresh, redeem, and rehabilitate your machinery.

As an astrologer, I believe we have little freewill, and that we are largely on auto-pilot; however, we do have the ability to change our perception, enlighten ourselves, and enact damage control while enhancing gifts given.

It’s ideal to have an accurate time of birth; however, your chart can be read without one.

For new clients, this package of three sessions is required to fully explore your operating manual, and part of your repair manual before partaking in the one-off rescue and remedy readings.

A maximum of three questions, or themes may be asked during your thorough examination of your personality, psychology, and operating manual. You’ll also be given a non-medical prescription on how to repair problem areas.

Package $297 and includes your charts, and Introduction to Astrology for Clients guide.

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If you would like to receive a one-off astrology reading, no more than three months can lapse between the time you got your package (as per above) and your request for a one-off consultation. With this session, your charts are pulled again and re-reviewed, along with a phone reading requesting any updated information, and providing updated insights.  From there, you’ll purchase the one-off astrology  reading of your choice and a separate session is then scheduled.

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