All those wishing an incredibly accurate cosmic picture of themselves, or their loved ones, would do well to contact me soon; confident that neither the portrait nor the price will fail to suit.

Cut through the fantasy, to the reality that will bring your dreams to light.


If you’re in the Toronto area, your first session will likely be done in-person, at a local coffee shop, in the Broadview and Danforth area (East end of the city, along the Bloor line). After that, the majority of sessions (if not all) are done by phone.

If you live outside of the Toronto area, your first appointment can be done through Skype video OR they can all be done by phone.



If meeting in-person (for your first session of a package), payment can be made for your next session — by cash. A receipt will be provided. You can also make payment at the bank or through Interac Email Money Transfer prior to your first session (see below), and payment by cheque may only be available to regular clients only.

Interac Email Money Transfer or Bank Deposit

Or if you have a Canadian bank account that offers Interac Email Money Transfer, this is another way to make payment:

  1. Send an INTERAC Email Bank Money Transfer or pay by making a deposit in-branch (existing clients only).
  2. by emailing us your intent to do so (this is for Interac Email Money Transfer only)
  3. Email the password that’s used so the payment can be picked up electronically.

Credit Card

Each service offered has a Paypal payment button attached to it. Use your credit cad through this secure method. No Paypal account is required. Use of credit card is best for non-Toronto clients and clients whom I’ll only be connecting with over-the-phone.

Offered Chart Analysis & Services

The following charts and services currently offered:

Full Chart Analysis Packages

  • Natal & Progressed Chart Analysis (Based on your birth & growth): Personality & Psychology
  • Personal Transits: Predictions and insight about what was, is, or will be.
  • Compatibility or Chemistry Reading (Synastry): What attracts and repels you to a person of interest and vice versa.
  • Couples Therapeutic Dialogue: Both yourself and your loved one are present during these conversations.
  • Composite: What is or will be the purpose of your relationship or connection.
  • Business or Project: If you run or are in the process of running a business or project, this session is for you.
  • Solar Return (Birthday Reading): What can you expect to happen this year in your life?

Full Chart Consultations

  • Full chart Synthesis, Analysis
  • Pre-formed and Free-form questions can be asked after the session package is completed.

Birth Chart

YOUR Operating and Repair Manual

For new clients, three sessions are required to fully explore your operating manual, and part of your repair manual.

A maximum of three questions, or themes may be asked during your thorough examination of your personality, psychology, and operating manual. You’ll also be given a non-medical prescription on how to repair problem areas.

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Chemistry / Compatibility Consultation

The synastry consultation package adds the purchase of two natal sessions. So we do your natal chart, their natal chart, and your combined chart (3 sessions).

A maximum of three questions may be asked during your thorough examination of each of your personalities, psychology, and operating manuals. You’ll also be given a non-medical prescription on how to repair problem areas in your relationship.

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Business or Project Analysis

We’ll go through the whole chart of your business.  Who your best customers are. Where and from who you can find money from?  How the public sees your business or services being offered. Your relationship with employees. When to hire new staff, and so on.

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One-off Consultations

All one-off consultations require a previous package consultation or the Learn & Know Astrology lessons — completed within the last 3 months.

Then, to keep up-to-date, no more than 2 months should pass before receiving another rescue and remedy reading.

In either case, should these time periods lapse, a Refresh natal, synastry, or business reading — is required to bring your operating and repair manual back to consciousness along with your one-off reading request.

One-off Readings & Consultations

  • Personal Transits: Looking at your past, present, and/or future
  • Solar Return (Birthday Reading): What can you expect to happen this year in your life?
  • Business or Project: If you run or are in the process of running a business or project, this session is for you.
  • Chart Questions: Ask about life questions such as money, love…
  • AspectDoctor™: Identify, and learn how to resolve and heal challenges as well as play up strengths and gifts.
  • Chart Reports: Written reports about various life issues.

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Personal Transits (past, present, and/or future)

Personal transit sessions can be booked for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes.

Solar Return (Birthday reading, from one year to the next)

One to two sessions are recommended for your solar return Birthday Reading.

Chart Questions (money, career, work, love, relationships, health, etc.)

A session to ask about your chart or the chart of the person you’re concerned about, can be booked for 15 minutes) – 1 question, 30 minutes, 2 questions, 45 minutes, 3 questions, or 60 minutes, 4 questions.

AspectDoctor™ (the effect and resolution of the planets connecting at your time of birth)

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Astrology Reports

Astrology reports are pre-written but other astrologers. They can be quite a useful tool, and I offer them in combination with a personal 30 minute consultation about the reports in my own words.

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What are your rates based on?

My rates are based on my expertise (Certified Professional Tarot Reader who is accurate); breadth of ability (astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot, pendulum, handwriting analysis, psychic, medium, face reading, etc); my session difference (reading (tells), coaching (asks), counseling (heals), consulting (advises), exploring (discovers), and guiding (teaches); education (business, career & work counseling, and art); outside work experience (people manager, business analyst, customer service, training manager); inside work experience (over a thousand readings — I stopped counting!! hehe); demand (there’s a lot of people who want sessions from me); availability (I’m often scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance); preparing for your first session and follow up; seriousness and dedication in providing psychic services full-time; and many more reasons. 🙂