Relationship Operating & Repair Manual Package


An example of a compatibility (chemistry, synastry) chart — Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

The relationship package takes a look at how each of your parts fit, and whether they do damage or improve your connection.

Every machine built has a certain way it operates, and a certain way it fits best. Human beings, are essentially machines. If we don’t feed each other’s minds and hearts with good and clean food, it will break down.

With this package, YOUR Relationship Operating and Repair Manual is explored within the language of the stars — astrology.

Refurbish, refresh, redeem, and rehabilitate your relationship.

Synastry (and composite) charts describe the chemistry between two or more people, and the reason for the relationship, as well as the potential opportunities and challenges they shall face, face, and have faced.

Just like the natal and progressed charts — synastry and composite charts, are operating and repair manuals focused on your relationships. Along with a counseling astrologer, like myself, skilled in reading charts and therapeutic dialogue — you may enjoy a much faster and clearer repair of your relationship.

It’s ideal to have an accurate time of birth for yourself and the person you want to know about; however, your charts can be read without a time of birth.

The synastry consultation package includes the purchase of two natal sessions. So we do your natal chart, their natal chart, and your combined chart (3 sessions).

A maximum of three questions may be asked during your thorough examination of each of your personalities, psychology, and operating manuals. You’ll also be given a non-medical prescription on how to repair problem areas in your relationship.

This chart shares what attracts and detracts you to your loved one and vice versa. It is your compatibility, chemistry, or synastry chart, and it lets us know how well you match up, and if there will be or is too much discord or strife. It will also show the blessings within the relationship, whether you’re destined to be together, etc.

A synastry chart is normally done between people who have the potential or are already in a romantic relationship; however, it can be done between co-workers, friends, family, etc.

Total package cost: $349 and includes a mini composite (purpose of the relationship) consultation, charts, and Introduction to Astrology for Clients guide.

* Choose the For Myself & Someone Else package.

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This package includes your Relationship chart

An example of a Relationship (Composite) Chart -- Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

An example of a Relationship (Composite) Chart — Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



If you would like to receive a one-off astrology reading, no more than three months can lapse between the time you got your package (as per above) and your request for a one-off consultation. With this session, your charts are pulled again and re-reviewed, along with a phone reading requesting any updated information, and providing updated insights.  From there, you’ll purchase the one-off astrology reading of your choice and a separate session is then scheduled.

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