Free Couples Consultation

My desire is not only to work with one client, who wants to save their relationship — but to work with BOTH parties — ideally at the beginning stages, before all hell has broken loose.

Please read up a little about my interest in dialoguing with couples.

I’ve consulted professionally since 2005, and I haven’t once sat down with TWO people, at the same time, to help them sort through their challenges and strengths.

So, this is your lucky moment.
I’m offering a FREE first session for you and your loved one, in person — in Toronto in the Broadview and Danforth / East end of Toronto area.

This session will include your charts, and a number of personal and relationship challenges and gifts will be outlined.

If you choose to sign up for more sessions, they are done via speaker phone or web cam.

Pricing for continued sessions.

This offer available to only THREE couples.
First booked, first served.