One-off Rescue & Remedy Readings

All the following one-off consultations require a previous package consultation or the Learn & Know Astrology lessons — completed within the last 3 months.

Then, to keep up-to-date, no more than 2 months should pass before receiving another rescue and remedy reading.

In either case, should these time periods lapse, a Refresh natal, synastry, or business Refresher Session for $79 — is required to bring your operating and repair manual back to consciousness along with your one-off reading request.

Note that it’s ideal to have an accurate time of birth; however, many of your transits can be read without a time of birth. And over time, the time of birth can be adjusted as you find the timing on or off.

The solar return (and other predictive charts) and transits, are your windows of opportunity. They also provide challenges to help you grow and explore the magic of your life, and living.

Personal Transits (past, present, and/or future)


Example of Natal Chart, with Transits – Lata Mangeshkar

This is a deeply personal consultation that tells you how world transits are affecting you personally. As the world turns, so-to-speak.

In these one-off consultations, I can advise on: mid-life transits, how Mercury retrograde affects you, full and new Moon transits, your Saturn Return, and any other return, etc.

Personal transit sessions can be booked for 15 minutes ($49), 30 minutes ($69), 45 minutes ($89), or 60 minutes ($119).

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Solar Return (Birthday reading, from one year to the next)


Example of Solar Return Chart, with Natal chart — Kenny Rogers

The Solar Return is incredibly accurate as to what might happen in the different areas of your life whether that be a move, a new lover or friend, a change in job or financial status, etc.

You can purchase and have read ANY year, and it’s based on where you will reside or be in that year so if you purchase future years, it’s important to know where you’ll be.

I can scan one or two different locations (called a solar return relocation chart); however, I will focus on one location.

The solar return reading starts from one birthday to the next, and includes not only a live interpretation but a written report.

One to two sessions are recommended for your solar return Birthday Reading. One session is $129, two sessions is $199.

For the deluxe version, where we go through all your past Solar Return year ascendants, and discuss what happened in those years  — one to three more sessions are recommended. This gives you a complete and very personal template for present and future solar return’s as patterns will repeat themselves.

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Chart Questions (money, career, work, love, relationships, health, etc.)

Example of Natal Chart without Aspectarian grid, transit, or astronomical information -- Dolly Parton

Example of Natal Chart without Aspectarian grid, transit, or astronomical information — Dolly Parton

I’m well versed on many life topics, and astrology alone provides an incredible foundation and wealth of material.

Are you trying to figure out what’s happening to you?
Do you know what the problem is, but you don’t know how to fix it?

I can help.

* Career issues, and job prospects
* Money problems, and management
* Self-esteem, personal appearance, and identity
* Love, marriage, romance, and friendship clarity
* Exploring educational options
* Real estate, and living situation
* Business advice, and insights
* Physical health issues from a mental health or spiritual angle
* Manifesting hopes, and dreams
* Identifying daily challenges, finding fixes
* Therapeutic dialogue and coaching


A session to ask about your chart or the chart of the person you’re concerned about, can be booked for 15 minutes, one question ($49), 30 minutes, two questions ($69), 45 minutes, 3 questions ($89), or 60 minutes, 4 questions ($119).

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AspectDoctor™ (the effect and resolution of the planets connecting at your time of birth)


Example of an Aspectarian Grid (below zodiac circle) – David Bowie’s natal chart with loads of asteroid, fixed star, and transit information.

The average chart has between 20 and 45 aspects of self that are most powerful in one’s natal chart. With the AspectDoctor™ we review, in detail, the most prominent aspects of your chart first.

Before paying for your booking, please send an email along with your birth date, time of birth, and location again so I can determine how many aspects you have in your natal chart.

It is unnecessary to consult with you on ALL of your aspects; however, you may want to.  If you don’t have your exact time of birth or are unsure of it, some aspects (such as with the Moon — are best to be avoided).

All AspectDoctor™ sessions include an introduction and a “resolution” of challenge per 15 minutes or you can book as much time as you like chatting about one of our aspects in greater detail.

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If you would like to receive a one-off astrology reading, no more than three months can lapse between the time you got your package (as per above) and your request for a one-off consultation. With this session, your charts are pulled again and re-reviewed, along with a phone reading requesting any updated information, and providing updated insights. From there, you’ll purchase the one-off astrology reading of your choice and a separate session is then scheduled.

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