The Learn and Know Astrology Workshops

knowtheway_abella_arthur_learn_and_know_astrologyI am here to be YOUR wisdom guide. That means I help you access YOUR innate wisdom that has laid dormant. I awaken your self-knowledge through occult tools such as astrology.

In these sessions, you’ll learn how to read your astrology charts. You will not be taught how to read the charts of others though I can teach you that through my divination school.

During sessions you will receive answers from me as you learn how to trust YOUR own wisdom.

Not only will you save money by giving yourself your own powerful readings, you will learn a skill that will last a lifetime and get you through tough times. Anyone can learn this in the way I teach it.

With astrology, you’ll learn the basics and be able to read your own charts. This will lead to making predictions and self-empowering decisions about your life.

These workshops include links to free astrology programs and information, along with free charts, reports, and guide to astrology. Homework will be assigned.

Learn & Know ASTROLOGY

  • Get your questions answered by me and eventually by you
  • Learn the basics of astrology and basic jargon
  • Learn how to read your natal, progression, solar return, synastry, composite charts and personal transits
  • Each session lasts 45 minutes
  • $100 first month set up and then $70 monthly thereafter
  • Minimum number of sessions (6), cancel subscription when you are finished learning / asking questions.