Project or Business Astrology Consultation

Every business or project has its own birth chart.

There are a number of dates and times that can be used for the birth of your business or project. Here are six; however, there are many other potential start times/dates:

  1. When you started, registered, or incorporated it.
  2. When you set up your bank account.
  3. When you registered your domain name, if you’re primarily an Internet company.
  4. When you signed your lease.
  5. When you opened your doors for business.
  6. When you first thought of the idea for your business, or project.

Depending on the importance of that moment you gave birth to your business or project, and the date/time it was given — it will tell you about the successes and challenges that will be faced.

Sometimes you may even re-start a business or project, and so a new chart is erected.

If your project or business is floundering, it might be wise to start again.

I’ve been studying Electional Astrology (finding out when it’s the best time to start or do something); however, I’m not at a stage where I feel comfortable charging you for that service. When I do feel I’m at a level worthy of a fee, I will let you know through my Horoscope & Insights Newsletter or you can ask.

So if you’re running a business or at the head of a project, and you would like to know how to get more out of it, I can help. I should even be able to tell what type of business you’re running.

This is the few astrology services I offer that doesn’t require the natal package or astrology lessons.

The current fee for this service is $169 for 1.5 hours.