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Important: Getting Your Time of Birth for Toronto Astrology Readings

Don’t know your correct time of birth, without a doubt?

In Canada, contact the hospital’s health records department where you were born.

In US, order your “record of birth” long form (not all cities have it recorded on there) from the state department of vital statistics or you may want to use VitalChek. American Astrologer, Steven Forrest has a great article on how to order this. Fees currently range from $10 – $30.

Overseas? Check with the hospital you were born at and/or the attending physician or you can try VitalChek International.

My time of birth was off a bit from the baby record my Mom filled out in a scrap book she made up for me. As an astrologer it made the world of difference to know my exact time of birth. And it will make a world of difference for you if you are deeply interested in completely fulfilling your life with clarity.

For example, meaningful fixed stars and asteroids use a much tighter orb so it’s very important to have your exact time of birth when using these.

In Toronto, it can currently cost between $30-$60 to get your time of birth from the hospital. Make sure they know you only want the time of birth or they will charge you a lot more.  If you are not sure about which hospital you were born at, order the long form birth certificate. In the province of Ontario, it can be ordered online. Your time of birth will not show on the long form birth certificate like it often does in the United States.

If you have any questions or comments about getting your time of birth, contact me.

Without an accurate time of birth time (or any time of birth), a chart can still be read — just not with complete accuracy and with much less detail.

It’s also important to know exactly where you were born, location wise.  Some cities are now amalgamated.  Some cities changed names, etc.  For example, the exact location where I was born is no longer seen on a map but it makes a difference in the chart. To be even more accurate, you’ll want to know the exact spot where you were born, if you can (latitude and longitude).

A birth chart rectification can also been done by astrologers. I’m generally within an hour of your time of birth and I do not currently specialize in birth chart rectification services.

Parents are usually not good with the timing, as the whole experience was likely frenzied for them.  Ask aunts, uncles, and other family members when they found out about your birth or if they know when you were born. Also check your baby book (if you have one).

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